Who we are

GPR, 100% owned by Gunvor Group, is situated in the Port of Rotterdam. The refinery and its international distribution center have direct access to the open sea and the European hinterland, which is a unique location for producing and distributing finished and intermediate products such as LPG, gasoline, diesel and bunker fuel. The Port of Rotterdam is the European center for petrochemical activities and is the engine of the Dutch economy.

Previously owned by Kuwait Petroleum International, since 1 February 2016 the refinery has been operated by Gunvor Group, one of the world’s largest independent commodities trading houses. GPR is integrated into Gunvor’s European refinery network, which also includes refineries in Antwerp, Belgium and Ingolstadt, Germany. The Rotterdam refinery enhances Gunvor’s refining operations, particularly through its synergies with the Antwerp refinery.

What we do

Petroleum—or crude oil—is a mixture of carbon particles, formed from the debris of plants and animals that died millions of years ago and, as a result of decay and the pressure of the Earth’s surface, became compacted. The refining of crude oil purifies the crude substance, and the distillation and processing in the refinery produces new products.

The most popular finished products produced from crude oil are petrol, diesel and LPG for cars and domestic fuel oil. Sulphur for the production of car tires, naphtha for the chemicals and plastics industries, matches, fertilizer and propellants for aerosols are just some of the examples of semi-finished products that we produce.

We have two refinery units on our premises for the processing of crude oil and a petrol plant. In addition, we have purification plants, supporting service plants and a vast storage area with various landing stages for loading and unloading of sea and inland shipping vessels, including giant oil tankers, up to Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs). The oil and all other products are stored in our own large tank farm.